Support & Counselling

Support and counselling

Undergoing fertility treatment is not a straightforward process and we know that it can be an emotional time. While not everyone may feel they require additional support, our dedicated team at Leicester Fertility Centre is proud to offer a range of in-house help should you need it. We aim to provide the best assistance to you through our support and counselling services.


Should I have counselling?

We feel that counselling is integral to the infertility treatment process. Counselling can aid in helping you express and understand your feelings. There can be a negative stigma surrounding counselling but please do not hesitate to take up this option. It can prove valuable both before, during and after treatment and can help you feel acknowledged and understood along the way.

You are not compelled to undertake any counselling throughout your treatment if you do not wish to.

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Can I have counselling through your centre?

Counselling will be offered to any person who receives treatment at Leicester Fertility Centre. We offer you the chance to talk to our team at any point, and they will regularly be on-hand to provide a first-rate counselling service to anyone who chooses it. We are flexible and will arrange appointments to suit you. Anything spoken about during sessions is strictly confidential.

Can I only have counselling during my treatment?

No. Counselling is available before, during and after treatment has concluded. If you have been unable to get pregnant after receiving treatment, then counselling can also help you to process this and move forward post-treatment.

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Support Groups

Our centre is a proud supporter of Fertility Network UK. They are a national charity that offer advice and support to patients who are currently undergoing fertility treatment, as well as raising the profile at a government level.

You can access some of their resources for free through their Facebook page, the Fertility Network UK website or by simply emailing