Fertility Preservation

What is fertility preservation at Leicester Fertility Centre?

At the Leicester Fertility Centre, we have the facilities to be able to freeze and store your eggs or sperm.

Whether you have concerns over lack of fertility in future or if you simply just want to wait to have children, then we can house your eggs or sperm in the interim. It means that when you are finally ready to enter the world of parenthood, they’ll be ready and waiting to go.

What is fertility preservation?

If you do opt to house your eggs or sperm with us, then our in-house counsellor is on hand to deliver regular support and guidance along the way. With over 25 years’ worth of experience to draw upon, this support can help you make the right decisions and feel comfortable throughout the process.

We also have fertility preservation available to those who may be undergoing gender reassignment surgery. It’s important to note that the storage of eggs, sperm or embryos should go ahead prior to any hormone treatments.

What are the different types of fertility preservation?

Egg Freezing

Collecting eggs is very similar to that of IVF treatment. While under sedation, the ovaries are stimulated and follicles collected. All mature eggs are then frozen, ready for use in the future. As with other forms of preservation, our counsellor is available to talk you through the implications. For more information on Egg Freezing, head to our Patient Leaflets page.

Egg freezing
Sperm freezing

Sperm Freezing

Men can also store sperm samples for future use. This procedure involves producing a sample in one of our private rooms or, if appropriate provisions are made, at home. Like with egg freezing, our counsellor can offer guidance on the potential implications with sperm banking. If you wish to know more about freezing your sperm, head over to our Patient Leaflets page.

Embryo Freezing

Like egg freezing, this process involves undergoing IVF treatment to try and fertilise your eggs outside of the body. Once complete, not all embryos are transferred back into the woman’s uterus. Instead, some are frozen in specialised tanks for later use. For more information regarding Embryo Freezing, see our Patient Leaflets page.

Embryo freezing

If you already have samples stored with us at Leicester Fertility Clinic and wish for them to be discarded, then a ‘Withdrawal of Consent’ form from the HFEA will be necessary. You can find the relevant form here.