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Price List

Leicester Fertility Centre is non-profit making and aims to provide excellent quality of care at competitive, transparent prices.

We do not charge extra for 'Embryo Glue', extended (blastocyst) day 5 culture or time lapse technology.

Each treatment will be costed for you prior to starting and you and the consultant will sign this sheet to confirm you understand the charges, and there will be no hidden extras.

Cryopreservation (freezing) and storage of surplus embryos is not costed in with any treatment. This is because cryopreservation is dependent on embryo quality and so not guaranteed. The embryologist will inform you at your embryo transfer if storage of surplus embryos is possible. If you wish for the embryos to be frozen and stored, there will be an additional fee to pay on the day of transfer.

On 4th April 2022, we implemented a new set of patient terms and conditions to enable us to comply with Competition and Marketing Authority (CMA) guidelines on fertility treatments. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions carefully before you begin your treatment with us. Please click here to read them.


Treatment add-ons'

What is a treatment add-on?


  • optional additional treatments, also referred to as ‘supplementary’, ‘adjuvants’ or ‘embryology treatments’.
  • often claim to be effective at improving the chances of having a baby (live birth rate) but the evidence to support this for most fertility patients is usually missing or not very reliable.
  • likely to involve an additional cost on top of the cost of a routine cycle of proven fertility treatment. Some treatment add-ons can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds each.


The HFEA recently published data regarding fertility 'treatment add-ons' giving each add-on either a red, amber or green light based on current research data and published literature. 

Before you consider any additional treatment(s) linked to your IVF and/or ICSI cycles we highly recommend you visit the HFEA website here