Janessa in office talking to patient

Initial Consultation 

Full medical and surgical histories are taken. The most suitable treatment will be discussed and further investigations, if required, will be requested or carried out. Height and weight of both partners will be measured and a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculated.

Depending on where a woman is in her cycle she may be asked to have a Day 2-4 blood test for LH and FSH levels.

Men are usually asked to produce a semen sample prior to the consultation. Sperm count, motility, morphology and any relevant history are all considered. While the semen evaluation will give an indication of which treatment is most suitable, the consultant will make a final decision based on both patients' test results. The treatment offered may change at any time, however we do our best to support and counsel patients on this.

You will be given legal consent forms to read through and bring back to your plan appointment. Please do not try and complete these at home.  Please make a note of any questions you have regarding the consent forms and bring these to your plan appointment.

Plan Appointment

For NHS patients this appointment will be with either a nurse or consultant.

The clinic staff will talk to you about your treatment and ensure all the necessary paperwork is in place before giving you information about what to do next. 

Informed consent from both partners is required before starting any treatment. Legal documents are signed to confirm that informed consent has been given for the treatment being provided. Some treatments require more consent forms than others. Please ask any questions before signing the consent forms.