Embryologist with hair net looking through microscope

(Semen analysis)

Based at the Leicester Fertility Centre, level 0 Kensington Building, Leicester Royal Infirmary, LE1 5WW, the clinic offers the NHS Regional Andrology Service for Leicester City, County and Rutland.

The centre also provides a private diagnostic semen analysis service.

For sperm cryopreservation please click here


This service is for infertility sperm samples only

You should have been issued with a sample pot, request form and a set of instructions. A copy of the instructions can be downloaded from this page.

  • Samples are only accepted Monday - Friday 9.00am until 12.00 (noon)

  • Samples must be produced at home and brought to the clinic within an hour of production
  • Samples must be delivered by hand to the reception as a short form must be filled out upon receipt

  • Samples must be accompanied by a request form from your GP or other heath care professional

  • Samples must be labelled

  • Samples must be kept at body temperature and are best kept in a pocket during transit

  • Please leave more than 48 hours sexual abstinence before producing the sample, but less than 7 days abstinence

  • There is no clinic-specific parking for this service

Results are issued to your GP or other health care professional within 5 working days; please call the person or department who requested the test directly.

We regret that results cannot be given out over the telephone for confidentiality reasons.

Please note that we review and update our information regularly to ensure the best possible service for you. Please check the website regularly for updates.

Whilst we endeavor to ensure a smooth and efficient service for both patients and health care professionals, there may be occasions when a sample cannot be tested or a repeat is requested. We will try and inform the patient and health care professional as soon as possible if this is the case.

NHS E-Referral Service (ERS)

The Andrology service is due to start offering NHS E-Referral Service (ERS) as an option to GPs so that they can book an appointment for patients to have samples analysed in the Andrology Laboratory. This system is now live.

Samples are only accepted Monday - Friday 9.00am until 12.00 (noon). GPs will still need to fill in a request form. Samples without a request form will not be tested.


 A private semen analysis can be booked directly with the clinic on 0116 258 5922.

  • Appointments are 90 minutes long and are based at Leicester Fertility Centre

  • Appointments are with a member of the Andrology team

  • Samples are produced on-site

  • Results are given the same day during consultation

  • A fee is payable on the day for the test

    Appointments are available:

 Monday                          13.30 until 16.00

 Tuesday                          13.30 until 16.00

 Thursday                        13.30 until 16.00