Becoming an Embryo Donor

Image of eggs and cells

Patients who have completed a cycle of IVF or ICIS may have spare good quality embryos which have been frozen for use at a later date. If the couple decide that they have come to the end of their own fertility treatment journey, they may wish for the embryos to be give to patients who are unable to use their own eggs and sperm. 

For further information on how to donate your embryos please download the embryo donation leafet or speak to a member of the team on 0116 258 5922


Some patients will need another person to carry a pregnancy for them. This includes patients who were born without a uterus or had it removed (hysterectomy) and patients who have had extensive surgery to their cervix may also need a surrogate.

Leicester Fertility Centre does not provide surrogates or draw up legal contractual agreements between surrogates and the commissioning couple, however we are happy to provide extensive, continued counselling and support as well as the fertility treatment(s) including all necessary HFEA forms along side COTS. If you wish to become a surrogate please contact COTS directly.